Friday, July 09, 2010

CYC ya

This Sunday, Abby and Alex will be off to CYC camp for a week. I'm not sure who needs the time away more, them or us. I love them to death, but it will be nice to be teenager free for a week. I'm sure they'll have lots of fun.

Camping over the 4th was a good time. The weather was perfect for the most part. It was fun to see everyone.

In the past year, there have been some changes both in my circle of friends and in my family. It's changed the whole feel in the time I spend with them. During my most recent fishing trip, two out of the six of us had become bachelors in the past few months. One due to divorce, the other to death. The whole atmosphere was different. Some for the better, some not. Just different.

With the July 4th campout, it's always been my family, and my sister's families. This year it changed. One family was not there, due to separation. It changed the whole feel of the weekend. Again, some for the better, some not. Life can be funny.