Thursday, September 29, 2011


Angie took and passed the NCLEX test and is now officially an RN. Yay Angie! It's been a long two years since she got laid off and decided to take this path. What an accomplishment for her. Now we have to concentrate on getting the huge student loan paid off.

The leaves are starting to change, the wind is starting to blow, the combines are in the fields. Fall is here. Sweet.


(PS - Happy Birthday to my wife, who will be 29 tomorrow)

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Not to sound old...

Abby's getting confirmed on Saturday, Oct 8th at 10am at St Mary's in Elkhart. You're all invited, by the way. Classes for confirmation ended with the school year, but have resumed tonight. Abby had class tonight from 6-7:30pm. I had a Pastoral Council meeting from 7-8:30 tonight. I dropped Abby off a little before 6 and then headed to Casey's for a Redbull, because I had some time to kill before my meeting, and because I was falling asleep on the drive to church.

When I arrived back in the church parking lot at 6:15, I noticed a couple of things. First, there were a couple of cars just now dropping their children off. At 6:15. Class started at 6. "Why so late?" I wondered. The next thing I saw was that one (and maybe the other, I don't know for sure) of the girls was wearing the shortest shorts that I have ever seen. I had to do a double take because I thought she had no pants on, just underwear. This girl is in my daughter's class (9th grade, 14 yrs old). She was walking into CONFIRMATION class. I could not believe it.

I asked Abby about it later. She said they were late because they had volleyball practice. She said the shorts are "spandex, and they all wear them". Like duh.

It's a crazy world folks. Surprising even to me at times.


Sunday, September 04, 2011


The dirty windows appear to be a recurring theme lately. I just noticed that. I think they're cool, how they interact with light and all. I might never wash the van again. It'd probably fall apart if I did anyway.

I've been thinking about a few new photo projects. One of them is dirty windows. Not necessarily the dirty window itself, but the patterns it makes as it mixes with the light, and the story it tells beyond the window. I think this would be fun to do in many different homes, places I visit, etc. If you would, don't wash a window or two for me. I might just slip by when the light is right.

Angie finally got her NCLEX test date scheduled. She'll take it on Sept 22nd. That means she'll finally be done studying. Time to get a party planned I think. Keep Saturday the 24th open.


Thursday, September 01, 2011


College football starts tonight. NFL kicks off a week from today. It's September now. Awesome weather is in the forecast. I love this time of year.

I'm taking tomorrow off and getting a four day weekend out of the deal. Gonna try and get the camper out for a few day here very soon.

Angie is done with school and waiting for the "go ahead" from the state to take her NCLEX test. Then it's job shopping time. Please keep her in your prayers. She deserves to find something just right for her.

Don't know much else.