Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Abby

Happy Birthday to Abby. She'll be 13 tomorrow. Two teen girls in the house now.
It's Ballard Homecoming Dance night. Alex has sure grown up into a beautiful girl. She and Pierre have been dating for more than a year now. He's a good kid. Not good enough for my daughter, but who would be?

Got back from Vegas today. So glad to be back home. The conference was good, but a day too long I think. Vegas just isn't my kind of town. This is the view from my 37th floor room. Look how filthy the window is.

Watching the Hawks now, and am fighting sleep. My bed will feel good tonight.


Sunday, September 20, 2009


Madeline and I visited a couple orchards yesterday. We went to the first one to pick apples, and to the second one to play.

I'm heading to Vegas for work on Tuesday. I'll be back on Saturday. While there, I get to have dinner with Angie's Uncle Tony and Aunt Maureen. They'll be there the same time I am, visiting from England. Small world.

(PS - Goats have crazy eyes)

Friday, September 18, 2009


Everyones favorite ex-president, Jimmy Carter, recently inferred that most folks that disagree with President Obama are racist. That's like saying that I'm anti-Semitic because I don't like Barbara Streisand music, Woody Allen movies, or anything about George Soros. Joe Wilson was right.

That's the second time I was called racist this week. Earlier this week my middle daughter posted some photos of certain celebrities on Facebook. I told her that the one of the guy with pants around the middle of his ass, chest covered with tattoos, and a pink camouflage hoodie on looked ridiculous and that I disagreed with her assessment that he is "hot". She told me I'm racist.

When did Webster change his definition?


Monday, September 14, 2009


Just a quick note: The largest protest crowd 'ever' was assembled in Washington DC on Saturday. Over 2 million is the estimate. They were there to tell our representatives in Washington that we've had enough corruption and enough reckless spending. Just because they ignore us doesn't mean we're not still here.

Why have we not seen this on the news?


Saturday, September 12, 2009


We watched the Hawks beat up the Cyclones today. Felt good.

The time for fresh honey crisp apples is here. If you've never had a fresh picked honey crisp apple go find one. It's like apple crack.

The beans are turning yellow and it's been foggy every morning. It's hard to get to work on time when it's just so gorgeous outside.

Don't know what else.


Saturday, September 05, 2009


Angie and I went to the Ballard high school football game last night. It was packed and a great game. I always forget how much fun it is to watch a high scool football game. It was a nail biter too. Ballard got the win.

Speaking of football, Angie's birthday is the end of this month. She wants tickets to an Iowa game. If you have any connections, please let me know. It's a plus that my wife loves football too. Maybe more than I do sometimes.

My brother and I took advantage of his day off and the tremendous weather and went camping the other night. It's hard to get into someone's head unless you can spend one on one time with them like that. Tom and I had many good discussions.

Oh yeah, we did end up getting awarded that big 12 million dollar job I mentioned a few weeks ago. Sometimes all the hard work pays off. Sometimes.

(PS - The blog is 3 yrs and 236 posts old today. Thanks for sticking with me)