Thursday, November 18, 2010


The Troutslayer trip was a good time. It was a short trip. We seemed to squeeze a lot in though. As usual, we caught trout, smoked cigars, drank spirits, and ate good food. We took a day long guided fishing outing on Tablerock lake (thanks Brian) and caught many white bass. It was a cold day, but mostly fun. I went into the trip with a cold and came home with a sinus and ear infection. Ended up staying home from work for a couple days coughing constantly and blowing my nose. It's amazing how much green shit can come out of one head. I'm finally feeling better today.
I've seen some amazing sunrises in my life, but I think last Friday's topped them all. Friday the 12th was Brian Smith's (fellow troutslayer) birthday. You'll remember that Brian's wife, Maureen, died suddenly and unexpectedly in April 2010. On Friday morning, Brian, Mike L, Mike P, and I headed to the dock before sunrise, anxious to fill our trout limits early. Walking down to the dock and eyeing the sky, I knew it would be a good sunrise. It was insane. The tree lined cliffs across the lake from us were lit up bright red, then the sky above them started turning pink. A few minutes later a partial rainbow appeared above the cliffs. Then a full and bright rainbow, then a double rainbow. All of it was reflected back in the lake. It was so amazing. None of us fished. None of us spoke. We all just watched quietly. Brian then said "good morning Maureen". It was Maureen's way of telling Brian Happy Birthday. What a gift to be there with him to see it. I've never witnessed anything like it. Wow. I took a couple photos of the sunrise with my crappy little point & shoot, but didn't get serious about it. I was taken away in the moment. I'm not going to post the photos though, because they don't come close. Anyway, thanks Maureen.

The new Harry Potter comes out tomorrow. It won't be the same as the book, but I hope they didn't change too much. Can't wait to see it.

Have a good weekend. Go Hawks.


Friday, November 05, 2010


Finally got my camera back from the shop. It's repaired and working beautifully again. Sweet. I felt naked and helpless without it. Now I need to get out and use it.
I've posted one of Alex's senior photos above. It's one of my favorites, but not hers. You'll have to ask her for a few wallets next time you see her.
The one of Madeline is from a few weeks ago when we went to the orchard. I need to get Abby in front of the camera. I don't have any recent shots of her.
This time next week I'll be sitting on the dock on Lake Taneycomo with a trout tugging my line and a big dumb smile on my face.