Thursday, February 16, 2012


A few thoughts from today...

Children are easy to love but difficult to live with.
Desire leads to unhappiness. To be happy, desire less. (Why can't I get this?)
Old bodies wear out. We all find out first hand.
Everyone is messed up, including you and me, and that's a good thing.


Saturday, February 04, 2012


Parents are funny people.

At Abby's winter formal there were about 20 parents at the pre-dance get together. Every one of the mothers had a camera, and every one of them took a hundred photos. 10 photos of each couple, 10 photos of 10 different poses of the girls and 10 different poses of the boys, on and on and on. Thousands of photos were taken. It was surreal to me. What are they going to do with all of them?

Madeline had a science fair on Friday. She built a volcano out of play doh for her project. It was her design. It worked great and was a lot of fun. This was a project for the kids. They got graded on it. I did help Madeline a little bit, but she did 90% of it. Other kids had science projects that looked college level. No way the kids had anything to do with them. There was a giant volcano down the table from Madeline that looked real, with detailed hand painting. Whatever.

I guess the groundhog saw his shadow this week. Like it matters. Madeline asked me how Groundhog Day got started. I had no idea. What a dumbass "holiday".

Yeah I know. I'm grouchy and cynical. Go Giants.