Saturday, January 21, 2012


Winter has finally arrived. We all knew it was coming, though we didn’t want to believe it. The holidays are over. The long “dead season” is here. The groundhog will pop out in a couple weeks, so spring is really not that far off. A short winter is fine with me, though I don’t mind a little stretch of it.

There is a strange, perverse pleasure in falling snow, at least the first few times. When the ground is covered with snow, the light is different than at any other time. I guess it’s brighter, it bounces around more. It’s also quiet when it’s snowing. Sound doesn’t travel as well maybe, I don’t know. I actually like shoveling snow the first time or two each year. The extreme cold is another story.

Angie is working nights now, 3 or 4 times a week. I couldn’t do it. I can’t sleep when it’s light out. She’s part vampire it seems, so she’s adapted well. She likes it ok, but it won’t be the last job she’ll have. It’s a stepping stone I guess, putting her time in to gain experience.

A couple weeks ago one of my sisters sent an email mentioning western Colorado. We (two of my sisters and I) got into an email conversation about how much we like that area and how we’d like to go back. After a day of this we decided to do just that. Two of my sisters and our families, about 15 in all, will be vacationing in the Durango area for a week this summer. It should be a great time. Madeline’s never seen the mountains, and it’s been 12 years since Alex and Abby have.

Next week is a birthday week at our house. I will be 43 on Tuesday; Alex will be 19 on Friday. Happy Birthday Alex! I’m very proud of you and I love you very much.