Friday, April 23, 2010

Play Ball

Angie's Uncle Tom passed away this past Saturday. Tom was her Dad's brother. He was 70. There was a world of difference between the funerals for Maureen on Saturday and Uncle Tom on Wednesday. Maureen's was packed with people, had a dozen priests, and the Bishop there. It was very emotional. Tom's was 15 minutes long with just close family there. Both of them made me think a lot about the people in my life. We tend to worry a lot about stupid meaningless stuff. It's easier to think about and to try to control. How we treat and affect and love others is what really only matters. Global warming doesn't matter, or taxes, or dirty dishes, or dandelions. It's the people around us that give our lives purpose. I hope I can remember that for more than just a few weeks this time.

Our first softball game is tomorrow. Should be interesting. 7 & 8 year old girls just can not throw and catch well. There are a couple on the team that do pretty well some of the time. They all need a lot of work though. Don't we all.


Thursday, April 15, 2010


I met Maureen McLaughlin sometime around 20 years ago. Maureen was the sort of person who made you feel comfortable and at ease just by being in the same room with her. She had a great big smile that always went clear up through her eyes. Maureen wasn't a bullshitter. When she asked "how are you?", she really did want to know. She was the kindest, most gentle, caring person that I've ever met. Billy was right, only the good die young.
Maureen was married to a great friend and fellow Troutslayer, Brian Smith. She and Brian were perfect together; the epitome of balance. They have two daughters 11 & 6, both as sweet as their mother. If you happen to be the praying type, please say a few for Brian and his girls. They've a long hard road ahead of them.
Lighter notes... Alex had prom last weekend. I was out camping with my two youngest daughters and my sister's boys, but Angie was home to spend time with Alex pre-dance. My nephew, Caleb, made his first communion on Saturday. It was fun to celebrate that with him.


Friday, April 02, 2010

Good Friday

Softball practice starts on Tuesday. Our last game is on June 23rd. It will be a busy spring.
My brother, Tom, and I went camping on Wednesday night. It was gorgeous out and a good time. Tom and I are a lot alike and always have great conversations.
Angie is doing well in nursing school. She's in her last month of her first (of five) semester. She studies constantly and works very hard. She's getting great results from her efforts. I'm proud of her.
Alex is playing soccer this spring, Abby's running track, and Madeline's playing softball. If you want to see a game/meet/match we'll have one pretty much any day of the week.
Have a great Easter everyone. Celebrate.