Friday, August 31, 2012


Madeline's 10th birthday was Monday.  She had a party on Saturday and took some friends ice skating.  None of them had ever been.  They were all bruised up after a couple hours. Glad I sat that one out.

Going to Omaha tomorrow with Angie, Abby, & Madeline.  We're getting together with the Troutslayers and their families for a fish fry.  We'll do fish taco's, which are so good.  Looking forward to a lawn chair under my butt for a few hours and a cigar or two.

I've been getting up at 5am for the past two weeks and doing yoga every morning.  I feel great, but my back muscles seem to always be a little sore.  Maybe I'm overdoing it.  They're sore in a good way though, so maybe not.  Getting up early is hard to do, but gives me so much benefit.  Yoga, healthy breakfast at home, time to pack a good lunch which saves money, feel great. 

Football season has begun and that is just alright with me.


Sunday, August 19, 2012


Angie and I went to the Journey concert at the fair last night. It was fun to get out with her. I usually don’t care for the fair all that much. It was a good time last night though. Loverboy opened. Not my cup of tea. Pat Benetar was next. She was pretty good. Her husband is her guitar player. They had a lot of chemistry together and put on a good show. Journey was the main act. I thought that they were terrible. We left the show early and got some fair food, which was awesome.

I sold the camper on Saturday. I need all the cash I can get to replace the van before winter. The gas mileage is killing me and the van seems to be dying more each day. Selling the camper really sucked though. Someday I will own another.

It’s always super cool, as a parent, to see your children mature in front of your eyes. Abby, who will be 16 next month, has really impressed me lately. There’s been some drama at school, and Abby has been showing great character by doing the right thing, despite extensive pressure from a few “friends”, and even a couple of their parents, to do the opposite. Abby has decided to forgive a fellow classmate for some horrible things she said and start over with her. A few of Abby’s friends and a couple of their mothers are furious at Abby for even talking to this girl. It’s insane. I’m so proud of Abby!


Thursday, August 09, 2012

One more week

Things are finally cooling off around here.  We've had the air off a couple of times.  It's off now.  I absolutely love it.  I'm a fall weather guy all the way.  It's supposed to be sunny and in the high 50's tomorrow morning.  I highly doubt that I'll be able to make it in to work by 7am. 

We have a nice pop up camper.  We usually camp in it several times each year.  I haven't used it since last October.  That's ridiculous.  The van is a piece of junk and may not pull it well.  I might just play hooky tomorrow and attempt to take it out for the weekend.  Madeline is begging me and I'm right there with her.

Some good things from the past few weeks:
watching the Olympics - the whole family gets into it
we've got some much needed rain
got to hang out with Scot a few days ago - cigar and whiskey tasting
I've been working out daily and it feels awesome
had a night out with my wife
cooler weather
school starts in a week