Thursday, March 24, 2011


Long time no post. Sorry about that. I'm still here. We all are. We're all doing fine too. It's going to get real busy around here very soon. Angie is in her last month of her second to last semester in school. She will be studying non-stop for the next month. Abby is running track again this spring. Her meets are in April. Madeline will start softball in April as well. I am not coaching this year. They asked, but I said no. I will be assisting though.
Alex is preparing to graduate. She wants to go to college, which is awesome. She would like to go to an expensive private school though, which is probably not going to happen. Well, it could happen if her long lost rich uncle comes out of hiding and pays for it. If only. Her grades are not really good enough for a major scholarship. She won't get one for athletics either. I wish I could afford to pay 30-40 grand a year for school for her. I can't. I'm trying to talk her into starting at the local community college. She has no idea what field she wants to focus on, or if she'll even like college. She likes the idea of moving away from home and hanging out with friends though. I remember the end of my senior year in high school. It was a stressful and scary time. It's a big change in life.

52 days until the annual Troutslayer spring fishing trip. This year we're going north, to Deer Lake in Minnesota. We'll be walleye fishing. I'm really looking forward to it, as usual. I hope they have a warm spell while we're up there.

I finally got my Verizon iphone. I really like it. I use the heck out of my ipod, my phone, and my camera. I thought why not have them all in one device. This thing is great. The camera really isn't that bad for a phone either. There are lots of camera apps. I've yet to scratch the surface really. I've attached a couple photos from my phone. I apologize for the crappy photos this time. I haven't had the photo mojo lately. I probably took 6 photos in the last month. This is all I got.
Spring has sprung. Time to go camping. Who's with me?